About United Door and Dock


United Door and Dock focuses on the details, addresses the challenges, and solves the unexpected to create commercial door and dock solutions you can depend on. We believe good service isn’t only about efficiency and quality work but also about building lasting relationships and creating memorable experiences with our clients, starting with the first phone call.

From Dreams to Reality


It all began with a group of people who dreamt of starting something completely new. We had a great vision, a passion for change, and all the right skills. Together, we established United Door and Dock, a company dedicated to providing superior customer service and providing a world-class commercial door and loading dock service in Chicago.

Fast-forward to today, and you’ll find that spirit alive and thriving. From compact storage units to expansive warehouses, our touch ensures your docks are not only efficient but also safe. We’ve been on an incredible journey, and this is just the beginning.

More than Just Doors & Docks


What makes United Door and Dock stand out in the world of the door and dock industry?

It’s our unwavering commitment to:

Sure, we’re experts. But we also like to bring a little chuckle to our chats. Business, in our eyes, doesn’t have to be bland. A touch of fun, paired with our exceptional services, guarantees our customers more than just a transaction; it’s an experience. Our enthusiasm isn’t just talk; it’s visible in every step of our service journey. We’re not just fixing doors and docks; we’re forging bonds.

Safety: Our Guiding Principle

At United Door and Dock, safety isn’t just a priority—it’s a principle we uphold with unwavering commitment. Every choice we make, from strategies to partnerships, stems from this core belief. This is especially evident in our meticulous selection of manufacturers. We collaborate only with those who share our dedication to safety, ensuring that the products and services we offer not only meet but exceed industry standards. Because at the end of the day, we’re not just delivering doors and docks; we’re ensuring peace of mind.

Work Hard, Play Hard


Picture this: deep, meaningful discussions about our next big project, with the playful chime of a pinball machine in the background. Sounds surreal? Well, that’s just an everyday scenario at United Door and Dock.

We firmly believe that our team’s well-being directly influences our success. Our approach to work is holistic. While we band together, seamlessly merging our talents to tackle challenges, we never forget the importance of unwinding (hence the arcade, pinball machine and snacks). Regular company get-togethers aren’t just events; they’re our way of saying “Thank you” and “We value you.”

In essence, United Door and Dock isn’t just a workplace. It’s a space where joy meets job, where respect reigns supreme, and where every team member feels a sense of belonging.


A Minority-Owned Business Enterprise

As a minority-owned and certified DBE company, we’re committed to diversity in our workforce, clients, and projects.

  • Our workplace diversity provides clients with an advantage over other companies
  • Different perspectives on problem-solving, creativity, and innovation
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